Multi-Page Information Submission on Each Page

Hi all,

I am looking into building a multi-page form with the following:

  • Type of Service
  • Name, Telephone and Email
  • Address
  • Confirmation Page

I know in the past, partial data could not be stored and the information would not be submitted until the form was finalized. Many years later, I am wondering if there is now a workaround rather than creating different forms and passing the consumer to different pages (Where those forms are held).

Thank you for your help!

We do have a Partial Entries add-on now that would work for this:

That add-on is available to Elite license holders only.

Greetings EaglesFan,

I might have a solution for you, as I’ve coded up a new plugin I’m nearing release to the OpenSource community soon. It’s dev-complete, and I’m creating some demos for it now, then documentation, and finally the publishing hoops and jumps to follow :slight_smile:

I’m planning to name it:
Gravity-Forms - Multi-Form Sticky Field Sharing (aka GF-MFSFS)

One feature it has which might assist you with your needs, is how it captures and provides user’s field answers, for multiple forms, and forms with multi-pages being use:

  • Data values entered in fields are saved to the User Meta Table
  • Values are captured in multi-page context when “Next” button is clicked
  • Values saved are available to other forms and other pages of same form
  • You can log out and in again, and forms will be populated with saved values

Drop me a note or reply here if this might help you, and if you would be interested in helping test out the release candidate version, and also if you’d like to try out the demos for this I’m working on.

Cheers !

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Does it works on non-logged-in users like cache partial entries?
I tried to use it now but it is now saved.

Edit: I think I misunderstood this add-on, I thought it saves the info inside the cache and when a user is in another page he sees what he entered on the same form on another page so he won’t enter it again.