New to Gravity Forms - have a question about form needs

Being new to gravity forms, I’m not sure if this is possible - so I wanted to ask the community about something that we’re looking to set up:

We use Gravity Forms to integrate with active campaign for quote requests.
We want to create a form that a user can fill out and submit. Which then does the following:

1 - Information submitted is stored
2 - The sales rep tied to the account is notified of the submission
3 - The sales rep is prompted to go into the form and fill out additional fields that are not visible on the customer-facing form. When the sales rep has completed their fields, they submit and it is sent to active campaign.

Is this possible with Gravity Forms? Can the form be split in two like this - or if not - is it possible to have the information input in Form A to be auto-populated on Form B - and then when Form B is submitted, all data goes into active campaign?

Please excuse my naiveté, and thank you to anyone who can offer some insight.

Hi Greg,

I am releasing a new plug-in soon that is described here:

This will provide for storing the user’s answers into their “Meta Data” table, and can be shared by other forms the user is presented with.

I am a php coder, and fairly proficient with WP/GF, and without knowing more about your requirements I can only guess that your other items will need some custom code additions to support.

Perhaps someone else will have a better answer.

Feel free to drop me a note if you wish to follow up, I am a professional consultant in this area, and have been helping others recently with similar needs, which is how I happen to be here now :slight_smile:


Out of the box the two-step-submission isn’t possible with Gravity Forms. However, I think you could use GravityFlow for this: