Webhook without submission (gravity forms/gravity flow)


Im new with gravity so having a steep learning curve and need some help.

Im trying to make a form for gravityflow that is basically an multipage orderform that then evolves into a workflow.

We are selling broadband services and have an external API that gives information if the address is on-net or if we need to have a look at it before giving a quoute.

I managed to get the webhooks working, but not without making a form submission. The user should enter an address and then be told if we are on-net or not. On same page we would like to say on-net give prices and then next page he starts filling in order form or if off-net he gives some other details.

Can I transition through several forms instead of just collecting the address and email and sending a mail or any other good ideas?

Hi Mikael

I am a GF customer too, and wrote a new (free) plugin to make it easy to use forms to collect info, and share it with other forms. The inputs from fields can be saved and re-used by other fields in other forms. I have tried to document this and provided some demos as well (see below).

Maybe it can help you.

Docs: https://jasbits.github.io/gravity-forms-multi-form-sticky-field-sharing