New to Gravity Forms, wondering if I can do this

Sorry if this is a common question, but I couldn’t find it answered.

We’re considering GF but I can’t quite see if it would work for what we need.

We sell a service that requires a lot of input from the customer, some of which will change over the course of the sales process. It would be nice to use GF to gather this data and process the checkout, both of which seem possible. The two big questions I couldn’t figure out are:

  1. Can the customer see their “order forms” they’ve filled out in the past and review them?

  2. Can we easily allow customers to edit their order forms, changing some fields but not others?

Any help is appreciated, glad to pau for setup help if some is necessary once I know it’s possible.

Showing the submitted data in a front-end page or allowing users to edit the submitted data are not features of Gravity Forms. But there’s a third-party add-on created by one of our certified developers that could help:

OK, thanks. I figured I’d need an add-on. It looked like gravitykit has a couple hurdles for us.

First, it seems as if the information is public. As a purchase, I’d only want it visible on the user’s own page and second, it seems to have to be approved, we want the user to be able to update their data without us having to “flag it approved”

Does anyone have an idea for another add-on we could use or perhaps am I mis-reading this one?

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Gravity Flow would be an excellent plugin to look at for the features you require.