GravityView-Gravity Flow Integration

Good day, is anyone aware of a snippet that allows one to re-order the fields in a Gravity Flow User Input step? The ability to re-order fields is part of every Gravity Forms related plugin I’ve ever used, but not Gravity Flow. :frowning:

Alternately, is anyone aware of a snippet, plugin, or method to use GravityView in a Gravity Flow User Input step (or custom step) since its ability to (1) show fields in a desired order and (2) define which of those fields are editable are considerably more flexible than Gravity Flow’s default User Input Step?


You are correct that Gravity Flow takes it’s field display characteristics based on the order defined within the Gravity Form directly - including for editable fields on user input steps. Within the entry details screen it, like a lot of add-ons and code snippet examples you will find is using a loop similar to this:

foreach ( $form['fields'] as &$field ) {
//Present fields

Before getting to that point, the selected form (and order of fields) is run through the gform_form_post_get_meta filter. With some appropriate controls to ensure you are modifying for the right display scenario, it should be possible to do adjustments to the $form[‘fields’] order which Gravity Flow would then display in preferred order.

As to editable fields, if the step settings for user input field are not sufficient, there is a gravityflow_editable_fields_user_input filter you could use for more controlled logic.

Feel free to open a support ticket with us if you need more direct guidance on the Flow side of things.


Thank you very much for these details. In my usage case, I have several different reviewers interacting with a lengthy form, and each reviewer needs a slightly different view of the form data in terms of specific fields and a given order. This would probably be too unwieldy to hard code, which is why I was hoping to use GravityView to display the data. GravityView makes it very easy to define which fields are visible, which are editable, and the order in which they should appear.

Nevertheless, I appreciate your reply and will follow up with you through a support ticket.

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