Form with possibility to change fields order by users

Dear Gravity Forms Community,
could you please let me know before I purchase license if it is possible to make form in which user could change fields order before submitting or saving it? Is it also possibility to add fields by form user? (Sample form in the attachment).

Thank you in advance!

Hi Martyna. Reordering fields on a per-user basis, and allowing a user to add fields to the form are not supported in Gravity Forms. However, you may be able to use our List Field for some of this (from what I can see in your image.) Please set up a free Gravity Forms demo site and add a List field to your form (from the Advanced Fields section of the form builder) to see if it can do some of what you need.

Hi Chris,
thank you for your response. I’ve tried to add List Filed at demo site and it is a nice solution but I can’t use an e-mail field with all of it’s particular settings (for example e-mail confirmation).
There is no way to modify type of field for each of the column?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Martyna. The only options for a list field currently are Text or Dropdown. To enable a dropdown, you need to use a PHP filter gform_column_input.

As I mentioned, Gravity Forms is not a great fit for your requirements, but the list field was the only thing I thought may be useful for you. It’s not a great fit though, either.

Thank you Chris for your help.
I’ll try to work around it somehow.

Kind regards!