Visibility administrative in some page

I want some unnecessary fields to be filter on some pages where I show my form so that the form will be light and loaded faster, not through display:none css, but basically not loaded. And on some other pages, the same fields will be displayed.
Is there a way?

Hi Jack,

Gravity Forms doesn’t have a built-in way to make fields administrative on a conditional or per-page basis, though I think that’s a cool concept.

The only way I can think of to do this (without hiding the fields using CSS) would be to duplicate the form and change those specific fields in the copy, then put the copy on the desired page(s) instead of the original form.

It is a very difficult way


What kind of scenarios / pages are you trying to have different set of fields displayed (or not)?

At first read, it sounds like Gravity Flow might be a bit more than you need, but could be a good fit. With every step type (such as approval) you can define which fields are displayed. As the entry moves through the workflow following submission, different steps would determine which assignees (WP user, WP role or email field based) can see which fields. With the User Input step by contrast you can also make a specific set of fields to be editable.

If your scenario is one where different assignee types on the same step might need to see different set of fields, then either the gravityflow_editable_fields_user_input or gravityflow_workflow_display_fields filters would let you define which for whom.


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