Creating a checklist that has additional fields

Hello, I have read a lot of forums and tried various plugins (like auto populate anything by GravityWiz) and can’t quite figure this out. I have a form where the submitter needs to select items that the new hire will need (check list). However, once that is submitted we need to be able to populate the details for the employee to reference.
Services Needed (these are checkboxes for the HR person to select)
item 1
item 2

Then we have a “list” that has 5 columns:
Service | Username | Password | Set Up By | Date

The information after the service is filled out by an administrator on the back end so only the first field on the list would be populated. Preferably, I would have the “list” and “checklist” be the same field in the form.

Any ideas?>


The core of what you are looking to do - have multiple users review or provide additional data to the entry as it moves through your process - is what Gravity Flow is all about. Check out our doc on configuring a user input step that most relates to the use case you describe, though approval steps will probably be of interest I suspect.

A few tips that would help your first setup if using our plugin:

  • Having each service as a choice within a single checkbox input is good. It means that you can use conditional logic to have the workflow determine if a step should occur (similar to how conditional logic for show/hide fields works)
  • While you could use the list field to store the additional info, I might recommend storing each in a separate field. All of the step types can show/hide which fields are needed (both to edit or just display) that way. It also means the field merge tags to display in notifications are that much easier to work with.
  • You can assign a step to any WP user, WP role, or if you have an email field in the form, an email field as well. In those cases, you’ll need to create a front-end inbox (via block) for the assignee to access. You can do the same for user/roles too, but if they are already comfortable going to the dashboard of your site it isn’t needed.


Hi Jamie, I have looked at Gravity Flow but it is a little overwhelming and somewhat costly. What kind of support does it come with?

For example. How would the List get created from the Check List for the next steps?

I am looking at the Ultimate version of GF - do you offer any promotions?

Hi @coburnenterprises,

To paraphrase Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, with our great plugin(s) comes our equally great support :slight_smile: We understand that just as every company is different, so is every business process you might want to automate. We are there to answer initial “how do I do X” questions like yours, help tweak code snippets for hooks/filters that relate to our plugins as well as offer recommendations on how to optimize the experience before you start to implement - saving you time and thereby money.

Making a few assumptions about your context, I’d suggest that:

  • Your form might have majority of fields set with Visibility = Administrative, so only the checkbox field for ‘Select Services for New Hire’ and Name/Email would show on the initial form submission.
  • Then the first User Input step to create their account, you would set the list field which stores “Username | Password | Set Up By | Date” as editable and assign to your IT staff or whoever does that activity. It would use the Conditional Logic to determine if that step should happen.
  • For each service you would have a different step, a different assignee and set of editable fields. The user only needs to see (or be able to edit) the individual fields they need to complete that task.

All our plugins come with a 30-day refund for those very rare cases where you, or you with an assist from our support team, can’t get exactly what your use case calls for working as you expect.


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