Need someone to create a couple of custom field types specific to our project for Gravity Forms


First of all, many thanks for taking out the time to read this post.

We have a Gravity Form - a multi-step form actually- that we use to collect that information.
Now, some of these fields are very custom fields - you can’t use any of the default fields provided by GF to achive the functionality of those fields.
Lets call this field X

Then, there are certain fields (lets call them fields Y and Z) that depend on the field X, in that Y and Z are dynamically populated based on the values of field X

Field X is going to be a checkbox-type field. Y and Z are going to be either repeater or list, unless you could suggest us a better alternative.

We have the designs ready and would share more details with those who are ineterested.

Best regards,

Hi Jenny,
I would like to learn more about the custom field types you need for your forms.
You can learn more about my Gravity Forms services and contact me at or message me on here.

Jenny, @kuztek is an awesome developer!

Before you go down the fully custom route, it sounds like some of the hinted functionality might be possible with Populate Anything.

Feel free to send me some details and I can let you know if you’ll need to hire a developer.

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Totally with David, if Gravity Wiz’s Populate Anything can do it, then that will save you some time and money. If you need something more custom then I am interested.

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Hi Jenny,

This is a example of a custom multi-step Gravity form we built for a client:

You can contact me at: to discuss the work you need.



Hi Jenny,
All that you have described and are wanting done is well within my area of expertise…I would be happy to help you out on this.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

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