Populate field based on other selections

I have a questionnaire created for users to fill out for approval, but if they answer questions I certain way they can bypass the approval process. The issue is there are 80 fields to determine this logic, so there is a chance of user error manually setting these up in different gravity views.

I was thinking of creating a dropdown field that would populate a Yes/No if these fields were all answered a certain way then use that new dropdown field to create the different views I need.

What is the best way to handle something like this?

This sounds like it would be a good fit for Populate Anything.

You could create a simple database that contains a combination of the questions/answers and the yes/no value. You could then use Populate Anything to populate the hidden Drop Down field with yes/no when the questions are answered a certain way in the user-facing form.

If your approval process needs to be handled by other staff (i.e. not the form submitter), then Gravity Flow’s approval step would be a good fit. The same approach for conditional logic on fields of the form can also apply for which step(s) in a workflow happen, and you can also use other step(s) being completed as part of the condition. So if you have configured 4 different types of approval steps and concerned that your conditional logic might have missed one of the combinations of 80 fields, a catch-all step that only occurs when any of the previous 4 are not complete would let you assign to yourself and investigate where the gap is.

If you want to maintain those determinations outside of the UI via code, the gravityflow_step_is_condition_met would be where to target customization.


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