Conditional logic

I have a field of 7 checkboxes. “Choices

Following that I have a single line of text.

The text field has conditional logic that says

Show this field if ANY of the following Match, Choices is greater than 1

My intention is I only want this field to display if they pick more than one Choice, as I need them to rank their choices.

SideQuestion: I thought there was a checkbox element that allowed ranking, by sliding the choices in the desired order.
I know I’ve seen that somewhere … maybe SurveyMonkey has this?

Hi Jim, the field you are referring to is probably the Survey field, from the Survey Add-On. The Rank field is an option, which lets your visitor drag the answers into the desired order.

As for your first question, it sounds like you have a checkbox field, and if they select more than one checkbox, you want to conditionally show another field (so they can rank their choices)?

If so, then this free solution from Gravity Wiz will help you count the checkboxes and perform conditional logic based on that count:

Thanks Chris, that worked great!

No I suppose i could make the single line text field into a Ranking field, and dynamically populate it based on the selections in “Choices” ?

If my suspicion is correct can you show me any documentation about dynamic population of fields?

Maybe this is the ticket?

The use case you described is not supported by Gravity Forms out of the box, using Gravity Wiz’s GP Populate Anything, as the article you found points out, would be the only alternative as far as I know.

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