Show Conditional Logic Based On Order of Checkboxes


Is it possible to show HTML blocks that have conditional logic applied in the order the checkbox they are connected to is selected?

For instance, a list of checkboxes are shown and when specific ones are checked, the HTML block will appear in the order it was selected.

Any help would be appreciated!

If you use a single checkbox choice for the logic of each of your HTML fields they will show when each checkbox is checked.

Thanks for your response. I have the form already setup, however they would like the HTML fields to display in the order the checkboxes are checked, not in the order they are listed in the form backend.

Conditional logic can only show/hide fields, so if you expect something like:

I check option 3 first, then option 5 > This should display HTML field for option 3 above the HTML for option 5 even when you added the HTML fields in a different order during the form setup.

That can’t be done with conditional logic or any other feature of Gravity Forms. The HTML fields will be always displayed in the order they were added to your form.

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