Populating a field with data from another, summary page

This is a presales question - I’d like to use Gravity Forms for a survey I’m building. I have a demo site but I’m stuck on a couple of items:

  1. I have a checkbox field with 8 choices. I’m asking users to select 4. I’d like the 4 selected to be then placed in a survey rank field below that. Can that be done?

  2. I need to create a summary page for the user to review their answers before submitting. Can that be done?

Thanks for any answers

Hi John. Thank you for your questions.

For #1, I recommend looking at Populate Anything from Gravity Wiz:

I believe it can use those 4 choices in a field later in the form. I’m not certain it can be used in a Survey field, so you may want to contact them before you purchase, to be sure.

For #2, how about this:

Thanks Chris – those are both very helpful. Those functions are important in terms of selling this concept and Gravity Forms to a client. Is there anyway to incorporate those into my current demo setup?

Hi John. The Populate Anything plugin is a paid plugin, so I can’t add that to your demo. If you do purchase it (after checking their refund policy) you could install that on a demo site.

The pre-submission confirmation code can be added to the theme functions.php file or a custom functionality plugin.

You can install whatever theme and plugins you like on your demo site once it is set up. If you need any assistance with that, please let us know.