Save & Continue functionality - is it possible?


I want to create a Gravity Form survey in which I pre-populate the first few fields (e.g. Client name, contact name) and then save the survey link to send to the client, who can open and complete the remaining fields.

How is it possible to achieve this? Is there a plug-in?


Hi Mark. You can use dynamic population using the query string. Read about the process here:

Once your form is set up to receive dynamic population information, you craft the link to populate those fields, then send that link to your customer.

The link will look like this:

And you can put that in an HTML email like this (with text or a button linked):

Submit the Survey

Click that, and you will land on my site with three fields in the form pre-filled. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thanks Chris
I’m not sure this will work effectively for me, let me explain. It feels like it’s suited only to ‘bulk pre-fills’ where you may want every form to be prefilled with the same information (e.g. Event name). For us, every form we send out will have different information in the pre-filled boxes.

Essentially, we need to send 100+ users a form to complete. This GF form may contain 20 fields to complete. We want to pre-fill the first 3 fields for the user, they can then fill the remaining 15.

Those first 3 fields would be something like:
Client Name
Client Company name
Consultant name

Now, across all 100+ those first 3 fields would have different information. Different client name, different company name, different consultant name.

We would pre-fill each form ourselves, typing the detail in the first 3 fields manually to send to the user to complete the rest.

It feels like such a simple ask, I am hopeful Gravity forms has a way to achieve this.


The requirement to have certain fields available on initial form submission vs others for a different resource to complete is a perfect fit for Gravity Flow’s user input step. You set the the 15 remaining fields visibility to administrative and then in the user input step settings make those 15 to be the editable fields along with who (WP user, WP role or email field based) is assigned to complete the step. With the assignee notifications that can trigger reminders (wait X days, then send every Y days thereafter) until the step is completed, the system will chase up for completion for you.

If you get to the point where you want to automate the initial 100+ user entry creation, you could look at any of the following:


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