Pre-fill Salesperson Field from Custom Link


We have several sales reps in the field and we would like to be able to issue them a custom link that they can share with their customers. When the link is clicked, we would like the customer to be taken to our existing forms, but then have the Sales Rep drop down be set to the sales rep name in the link. Because our forms then flow into Salesforce, we would prefer to not have to create new forms for every sales rep and new pages for every sales rep. Any ideas? TIA!

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Yes, you can use one form, and then a different link for each salesperson, which can set the drop down value to that salesperson’s name. This is the method you would use:

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Per Chris’ suggestion, you could have a URL to your form like:

…which would preselect “Roger Wind” from your Drop Down field after you’ve added the dynamic population parameter “salesperson” like so:

You can take this a step further and use something like Gravity Forms Populate Anything to automatically populate your sales people from a custom post type or other data source. That way you when you add a new sales person, you just add them in one place and don’t have to update every form you may be including them on.