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I am after some ideas and if there is anything gravity forms that could help. Hopefully this makes sense…

A client of mine wants to send out a payment link to their customers to pre-pay for their boat hire services, they also want their customers to read and sign/tickbox various waiver’s/terms and conditions. There are about 6 different hire prices.

Is there anything within gravity forms that would let the website owner send generate a unique url with a payment form with the relevant boat hire for customers, with waiver boxes?
I guess a bit link how you can with paypal, send out custom invoices, just with extra forms.


Hi Oliver. You can set up a form that will collect all the relevant information, and then allow the fields to be populated dynamically. Then, with the link, you can populate those fields. Here is a description of how that works:

I put together a form that showcases this functionality. Imagine I sent you this email:


Hi Oliver. Thank you for allowing us to work with your on your design project. As discussed, here is a [customized invoice link]([SITE REMOVED]invoice-payment/? you can use for payment. Once this invoice is paid, we can move on to phase II of the project! If you have any questions, please let us know.

Chris Hajer


If you click that link, you will be redirected to the form on my site which will have all those details prefilled. The fields are marked ‘read only’ so they can’t be edited easily in the browser. The only thing required to submit the form is the credit card information. You can use a test credit card, as noted at the top of the form, to submit the form. No funds will be exchanged, as that payment add-on is in test mode.

The information could of course be edited in the URL/browser, and I actually suggest you try that (change the email address for sure), to see what the receipt looks like when it is sent to you after completing the form.

If this will work for you, let me know. I can give you more information about what is required to accomplish this if you need help. Thank you.

Hi Chris

Thanks for that, im trying to work out if that would work or not.

Could the fields be setup in the backend of wordpress for the admin user to fill in?

Basically if the admin had a page they filled in with the details and cost of hire, they could then click send and it would generate the email (as your example), the customer would then tick a few boxes for terms and conditions and then make payment. Would that work?

Hi Oliver. The link that prefills the data in the form is the key. If you need an easy way for the admin to create that link, I suppose you could create a form, which would be used by the admin only, where the admin submits all the data, without requiring payment. Then, you could show that link in the email notification or on screen confirmation, and the admin would copy that link and send it to their client. That link then populates a new form, which I showed in my example (I forgot about the terms and conditions, but that is easy to add, and would not be pre-populated or anything like that.)

If you wanted to use a Gravity Forms form for this, this specific form would be used as a tool by the admin only, to make it easy for the admin to properly format the link (because you are doing it for them.)

You could even set that form up to create the link, and then send the link with some explanatory text, right to the customer, eliminating any more admin interaction.

Is that a workable solution for you?

Hi Chris, so sorry, i never saw this reply.
What you said sounds like a workable solution, did you have the link/info for me to set it up with still?

Apologises again for the late reply

Hi Oliver. Which part did you need help with? It’s been a while, and I’ve forgotten how far you have gotten. Please let me know what you need first.

Hi Oliver,

This sounds like a case where a workflow built with Gravity Flow would make the implementation very simple. As a series of steps which the entry follows post submission through different assignees to action just the portions they need to focus on.

Our environment has some example flows, plus every purchase comes with an onboarding environment just for you to try all the extensions before you add the plugin(s) to your own environment. Let me know if you have any questions about it.


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So the form you created, you said it could be filled in by the admin and then sent to the customer.

If you had 4 different clients to send out payment links for, would you need to create a different form and url for each client?

Can the admin have a easy to fill in area in the backend of wordpress instead of going into gravity forms each time and changing the fee?