Webhooks help please

Ive downloaded Gravity webhooks but im real;ly struggling on how to create the right hook for the action I need. Ive had a ‘Freelancer’ work on it and its worse than before. I really could juts do with some help on this and teaching what to do as I really dont have much of a clue. Happy to pay someone for their time teaching me if anyone is interested?



What API are you attempting to send the data too? What action do you need?

I’m not so sure to be honest. I need as soon as a new account form is created ‘new user subscription’ and money paid to pay pal it should then send the user to another form for them to complete, the form obviously needs to be linked up with the user profile. It’s all with gravity forms.

I need the user to be given the second form which is private and they then need to complete it and submit it. From there in Admin I need to be able to review and amend, its basically a critique service we’re providing of an assessment form completed by the user. What API would you typically use?

Thanks for the info. You probably don’t want to use a webhook then.

You’d be looking at:

  1. The PayPal add-on
  2. The User Registration add-on
  3. And probably Gravity Flow to handle the 2nd private form / review process
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Cheers Jake, really appreciate the steer.

Thanks again so much, that all makes sense to me as I couldn’t get my head around the hook.


Hi Jake

Sorry to bother you again, this time it’s about gravity forms pdf. How do I create a useable pdf from a template form. As a work around to my previous issue I’m looking to send an editable (ie fields can be inputted into) pdf template of my created gravity form template for users to input into. How would I go about doing this?

Thanks again for your help


Hi Jonathan, if you have not already, you can open a topic in the Job Board forum, to find some help for hire for your fairly custom application.


The benefit to posting there rather than hiring an unknown freelancer is that the people who respond there are familiar with Gravity Forms.

We also have some resources listed here:

Hi Chris

Thanks for the advice, it is hard to know where to start sometimes. I’ll take your help on board and do just that. Haven’t had much luck with freelancer.com. Thanks again for your help


Sure thing. Let us know if you need help with any of the individual pieces. You lucked out with @Jake_Jackson - he’s one of the best.

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