Gravity Forms Webhooks with Third Party API

I am attempting to use Webhooks to send data after submission of form. However, the api is a third party api and requires authentication via a token.

I have made this a POST request and used JSON as well added the Authorization request header in the web hook setup and added Token xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx into the value for it, though it is not sending the form submission to the api end point.

The issue is that I am able to send the request via Python requests library successfully, so I know the end point is functions as expected though Gravity Forms Webhooks seems to be functioning unexpectedly.

I would prefer not to use functions.php or Zapier if possible here.

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Hi Ryan,

Does the 3rd party API documentation describe more about the token/authentication type? If you turn on logging and submit a request does the API indicate anything about the reason for failure?

For some custom API’s if you need to make an initial request to get the authorization token using multiple Gravity Flow outgoing webhook step which provides response value mapping into the entry without code, could be an excellent option to consider.