Can I purchase Webook add on separately?


I need to send datas collected by Gravity Form to third party server. To do so, I need this ad on However this one can only be downloaded with an Elite licence.

Yet this Elite has a lot of features that I don’t need, and now is not a good time to spend 259 Dollars on things I don’t need :unamused:.

Is there a way to purchase this plugin sepratly ? That would be very, very helpful.

Thanks in advanced. :beers:

Hi Fabien. None of our add-ons are available for purchase separately. You can normally accomplish the same thing with a little more work than configuring an add-on feed, using one of these two methods:


Thanks Chris, but the free plugin Post to 3rd part has bugs, and the support is not helping.

I’m not aware of any other solutions at this time. Without the Webhooks add-on, the only other method I’m aware of is using the gform_after_submission hook. Or, depending on your service, Zapier may be able to help (available with a Pro license) or there may be a 3rd party add-on which was specifically created for your service.

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