Transfer Parameters to a Gravity Form via POST

Hello from Germany,

I got a question about transfering Parameters to a Gravity Form, so it gets populated dynamicly.
A third party wants to link their form (which is not a GF!) to our Gravity Form with a Query String. So far so good, the problem is that there are sensitive Data which should be transfered. So we have to use POST instead of GET. Can anybody tell me how we have to set up the form, so we can use POST?

I just find answers where parameters are sended from GF to another Form via POST.
Would be great if anybody can help us!

Thanks a lot!

To send data via POST you can use the gform_after_submission hook:

Or you can use our Webhooks add-on to do this without code (requires and Elite Gravity Forms license):

There is also a free third-party add-on which may help if you don’t have an Elite license already:

Good luck!