A add on to create a webservice easily?


I need to send datas from a Gfrom to a data reseller, using a webservice protocole. This webservice protocole shows me on wich URL to send the fields, how to name the fields, and how to name the choices.

Therefore, instead of hiring a developper, I was wondering if there was an easy way to create this webservice such as a Gfrom add-on or another plugin ?

Thanks in advanced.

There are several ways.

  1. Webhooks Add-on (Elite license holders only):

  2. This third party add-on:

  3. gform_after_submission hook:

Thanks Chris, definitely Gravity Form is a complete solution.

So, if I understand well, both webhook add-on and third party add-on will create the gform_after_submission hook, so no need to do some coding with these 2 add-on.

After having a look on the links you provided, they seem quite similar to me. According to you, wich one will be easier to use for a non-coder but DIY like me ? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advanced.

For a non-coder, I recommend our Webhooks add-on:

Give that a try in a personalized Gravity Forms demo site:

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To inform the community : I have opted for the https://gravityplus.pro/gravity-forms-post-to-3rd-party/, it works perfectly but the developper support service is absent (45 USD a year !).

I had to hire a developper to assit me with the settings. Nonetheless, it’s working.

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Thanks for the update!