Webhooks stopped working on all forms yesterday

It just completely stopped sending the API and there is no “Webhooks” note on the gravity forms entries like there normally is.
It’s like it shut off, poof.

any suggestions?

Hi Cori. First, I recommend opening a support ticket:


Second, if you want to get started troubleshooting yourself, start with Gravity Forms built in logging: Logging and Debugging - Gravity Forms Documentation

After enabling logging, please test the form.

Once you have tested the form, go back to Forms > Settings > Logging and check the Webhooks log to see what is happening.

thanks Chris

I did open a ticket… not helpful. I’m thinking I’ll switch out to Send To Third Party instead of Webhooks. It went from working for a year to stopping like a light switch and I just need it back up now.

thanks again.

Sorry to hear about your difficulties with the webhook add-on. Hopefully the logging info which Chris suggested could provide you with some details on why - potentially network connectivity or issues with the 3rd party system you are connecting to?

If you do decide that you need to switch to something different, I hope you might also consider Gravity Flow and it’s outgoing webhook step type in particular. A couple of features that sound like they might be helpful in your case:

  • The step will detect what response code the request receives (200/400/500) and you can define which step the workflow should proceed to next based on that.
  • That could allow you to either route any failure to a “manual investigation” step, using an approval step to decide whether to attempt to retry or not.
  • The gravityflow_response_message_webhook filter lets you customize the message which will be written to the timeline. Perhaps you want to pull certain response values up to the log that would be visible to users on the entry?

Good luck,

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