Zapier Integration HELP!

Hello all. I am going to take a shot in the dark and hope someone else has run across the issue and can help a noob out. I have the webhook given to me by zapier in Gravity to Zapier add on. For some reason, gravity is not sending the data to Zapier. A gentleman I work with tested a different webhook, and gravity sent the data just fine. Had anyone else run across the issue? Obtaining human support from either company is not very prompt. Thank you so much.

Hi Scott. I see a support ticket from you which was submitted 4 minutes before the end of our support hours. That won’t see a reply until Monday.

The first step to figuring this out is to enable logging on the site.

Please enable logging by going to Forms > Settings > Logging. Select: On, then [Save Settings]. By default this will enable all logging on your site. Documentation for Enabling Logging: Logging and Debugging - Gravity Forms Documentation

After enabling logging, please test the form.

Once you have tested the form, please go to Forms > Settings > Logging > Zapier and review the log and see what Zapier is saying in response to what is being sent. Post a link to the Gravity Forms Core log and Zapier log here if you would like someone to review it. Thank you.