Custom Form Work

We are looking to take a pdf and turn it into a gravity form that can have prepopulated data based on a spreadsheet and passcode.

We think it would go like this:

  • Email goes out with a link to the form page with their passcode
  • Client goes to form page
  • Enters pass code
  • Data pre populates
  • Client reviews and confirms, tweak form fields as necessary
  • Some form fields will have a price associated that will need to be calculated to use for payment after submission
  • Sign
  • Hit a button for complete then two things happen:
  1. Contract and checklist generate into PDF that gets sent by email to the client and also saved to our folder or emailed to a vanity address
  2. Client is taken to a payment portal where 2 fields of get prepopulated - invoice # and amount.

Is this doable with Gravity Forms?

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