How to set up automated digital product sales system using gravity forms

Hi all

I am wanting to set up Gravity Forms so that:

  1. Users fill out form
  2. User make payment
  3. Upon payment of form, a word document or PDF document is assembled based on information provided, and gets sent to user’s email

For example, getting users to DIY their wills, or agreements, or so forth.

I wonder how this could be achieved.


Hi Michael. You can collect all the information in a Gravity Forms form. Then, you can require payment before completion using one of our payment add-ons: (payment add-ons are available with a Pro or Elite license)

There are also third party payment add-ons available if you use a different payment processor.

Finally, you can create a PDF after the form is submitted, using this plugin:

It’s all possible. You have to put the system together.

Thank you Chris

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