Need to add PDF to cart so it is paid before download

Need help !!! ( Link is a testpage Http:// )
I use Gravity Forms multiform and PDF and that works like a charm :slightly_smiling_face: So far so good. My challange is this:
After the multiform is filled out by the user and the PDF is generated i need to add the PDF to cart (Easy Digital Download or WooCommerce) so the PDF is paid for before its avaliable to the user.
How do i do that? I´ve been ‘Googling’ for weeks without any luck…
The short verion: I need the ‘download’-button to include this function: add to cart (Woo or EDD) -adding PDF to cart INSTEAD of downloading it.
I DO hope it makes sense, and that someone can help me, i´m getting DESPERATE her in Copenhagen, Denmark.
To all - have a good day

I’m guessing you are using Gravity PDF. I believe there is a way to save the PDF to the database. You can look into these and see if they will get you there:


Best of luck!

Thank you, i Will try


I’m late to the party, but for anyone else interested: I’d opt to use Gravity Forms payment add-ons (Stripe / PayPal) with Gravity PDF Previewer.

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