Hidden fields split multiple form


I’m looking to split 2 forms for optimising payments.
Usually long forms can limit conversion.

In the first form I only ask for name and e-mail (to sign-up to mail and drip campaigns). Then a first payment is being done.
After the payment I want customers to complete the form steps (address, add a picture etc).
In this second form I want the ‘name’ and ‘e-mail’ fields from the first form (before payment) to be pre filled. I believe this can be done with ‘hidden fields’ but I haven’t found information how this works exactly. Can anyone help me figure out how to ‘save’ the name and email info between 2 forms?

There are a couple ways. The normally recommended way is to pass the information from form 1 to form 2 using the query string and dynamic population.

The easiest, most secure and more robust way to do this is with a paid plugin such as this one: