Call data in between two form

Friends, does anyone know how to link 2 forms together?
That means we can call other data

hi Saeed
there is an Gravity wiz add on which can do that

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Hi @user5e68f5d171cbb416 - in addition to the GravityWiz plugin, you can also do this with the query string method in Gravity Forms, as documented here:

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very tnx

Hi charis ver tnx for comment.
Do you have an instructional video on this?

Hi saeed. We don’t have any videos ourselves of how to accomplish this, but there are some good examples on YouTube:

The Gravity Flow Form Connector extension would be an excellent one to consider. In addition to the straight forward Create an Entry step type with field mapping between, if you store the entry ID of original and new in their respective entries (as hidden fields) you could also then be able to Update the originating entry at a later point in its’ workflow. If your different forms require getting data to 3rd party systems, you may also find the outgoing webhook step that includes both request and response field mapping to be an awesome way to delivery big functionality with no/low code.

Hope that helps,

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