Dynamically generated content on second form page

Here’s my challenge. Hopefully, this isn’t too complicated.

  1. Person A submits Form 1.
  2. Data from Form 1 gets passed to Form 2. The data from Form 1 passed to Form 2 cannot be altered, but is visible.
  3. Person B inserts an entry ID# on a Form 2 text field to dynamically populate information on the Form 2 page, and they complete the Form 2 and submit. (Perhaps there needs to be an interim Form between 1 and 2?)

Basically, this is a double-blind peer review process, where one researcher submits their work for review via form 1, and reviewers review the work via form 2.

HI Dan. You can pass the information from form 1 to form 2 using one of several methods:


That can populate data in form 2, which can be visible or not, and the data can be made read-only if you like.

Now, why does person B need to enter an entry ID on form 2? The data from form 1 entry is already populated.