Connect gravity forms with custom html field

Hello I have gravity forms, I’m using a multipage form, where users enter some of their data, after users submit the form they are redirected to a page where they are asked to choose the services of their choice, but they are custom checkboxes generated with HTML, CSS and some JS. I want gravity forms to acknowledge these custom fields and assert these data to each service selected So when users submit they are associated with their respective end results. Any help would be welcome whether I can do this with jquery, js, webhooks, or anything else, I also have gravity perks.

Here’s a quick video of what I’m saying, to better understand what I want:

Gravity Forms will process only the fields you added to the form, also once the GF form is submitted, Gravity Forms jobs end. So if you want to add additional data from another source to the entry created by Gravity Forms, you will need to:

  1. Add some fields to your form to store this information (e.g. Hidden fields).

  2. Use the Gravity Forms REST API and your own custom code to send the data from your custom HTML form to update the existing entry. The documentation for the REST API can be found here: REST API v2 Guide - Gravity Forms Documentation

Thank you for the information, I’ll get a look to the resources you sent.

Hi @pedrorodriguez3265,

From the video - it looks like the use of Gravity Flow with its’ user input step might be a good fit to consider. The initial form submission would use the confirmation redirect with merge tags to send the user directly to that step which can define specific fields as editable (the checkbox series). Depending if which checkboxes should display need added logic based on previously submitted data, you would write a snippet with gravityflow_editable_fields_user_input.

If you needed to call out to separate APIs based on user selection, a series of Outgoing webhook steps with conditional logic to only execute when the matching checkbox is selected would be a setup to focus on.


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