Looking for Suggestions - Submission Checklist

Hi! I have the following use-case:
There are 6 different forms which need to be submitted once a month for each user.
The user can fill the forms at different times, in any order, before the cut off date.
I am looking for a solution that shows the user (on their WP account details page) how many forms are remaining to be filled (for the current month).

Does anyone know of a plugin or solution that could work here? Thought I’d ask.

Looking around the web, I have come across Gravity Flow + Checklist extension - https://gravityflow.io/downloads/checklists/

Hi Amanda. That is the best possible choice for this application. GravityFlow is one of our certified developer partners and I believe that software will do exactly what you want.

Hey thanks for your reply Chris. After contacting Gravity Flow they have told me this is not possible without custom development even with Gravity Forms + Gravity Flow + Gravity Flow Checklist. The search continues!

Keep us updated Amanda, if you find anything. Good luck!