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Im using GF Quiz Add on to build a quiz. However, I would like to take the progress bar from the page (at the top of page) and build a larger progress bar of many quizzes (just like initial page) on a separate page. Is this possible?

Here is the page in question:


The progress bar is limited to the form you’re filling in that moment. Having a progress bar for a set of forms is not a feature of Gravity Forms.

I’m not aware of any ready to use workaround for it either, So I would recommend contacting a freelance developer.

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We hope this helps get you to where you need to go!

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Thank you @sacom for the help with this! I’ll def check out these options… :muscle:

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If the person submitting the quizzes would only ever be submitting one entry per quiz, the Gravity Flow checklists extension might be a very good fit for your use case. This doc page goes into a bit more detail of how you define which forms are a part of a particular checklist, along with their order, whether they have to be sequential or not, and then via a block/shortcode the user can see what they have done or still need to do.


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