Product Recommendation Flowchart

Hi @chrishajer

I’ve recently bought a license for GF hoping to build a product recommendation flowchart based on questions in a multipage questionnaire. Something exactly like what it was built here See the difference Scratch makes for your dogs. The link you have provided doesn’t really help me on this journey. I found that the website link I just shared (scratchpetfood), built their onboarding and checkout process using Gravity Forms but looking at the documentation and trying out the builder, I am quite lost.

Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for me on how could I accomplish this? I’m afraid that the solution you posted is not quite what I’m looking for, any direction is very much appreciated!

Thank you!

Hi Cesar. The form on this page does not look like a Gravity Forms form:

I am not sure how you would accomplish that in Gravity Forms. Some of it may be possible using a multi-page form and this plugin to auto-advance pages (if you need that):

Thanks, @Chris, Scratch claims that their onboarding and checkout form was made with Gravity Forms (Scratch Pet Food: Changing The Dry Pet Food Business For The Better) so my guess is that a lot of customization was done.

I found a way to actually display products after a form was submitted, although my next task is to tie these products to a checkout page and form and use this form for payment. Would it be possible to use GF for checkout form and payment without any plugin or would I need specific plugins for this?


In the same way that you can use conditional logic to display fields on the form, or determine which confirmation message to display, the Stripe/Paypal Checkout add-ons could be used to determine which payment feed to execute.

There are some great ecommerce related perks from Gravity Wiz you may want to look into. They combine well with the Gravity Flow extensions for Stripe and Paypal or Form Submission Step allow the payment feed to either execute or request payment as a separate step after initial form submission.

Would a setup based around that fit your use case? Something where the form asks the user the questions + required email field, and the conditional logic controlled step has notification emailed to them with their best priced option and direct link to the payment form for that option.

Hi @JamieO, thanks a lot for your detailed response. I’m going to try that out and explore Gravity Wiz, I’m not sure though if that would really solve my use case but seems like it would. Basically, the flow with the right functionality would be:

  1. GF Onboarding Form (questions)
  2. The combination of answers to those questions would recommend three possible products.
  3. Once the user submits the form, the user should be redirected to the “Checkout” Page.
  4. In the checkout page there should be these 3 possible products (based on the answers) plus a new Gravity Form (Checkout Form) to submit the payment.