Embed a Gravity Form on a WooCommerce Product Page

Is it possible to embed a gravity form on the product page so when they click Add to Cart it gets submitted?

Or is it possible to embed one on the Checkout page, that gets submitted when they click Submit to pay?



Hello. To do that, I believe you need this plugin:

Thanks Chris. Yeah, it looks like that would work to add a form to the Product page. Any idea though how a form could be added to the Checkout page?

I don’t know of a way to do that in Gravity Forms. That is the only solution I’m aware of to integrate Gravity Forms and WooCommerce.

I wonder if I could just embed a gravity form on the checkout page, hide its Submit button, and somehow have its Submit button triggered when the Payment button is clicked?

Is your goal is to have an form entry created as a result of the WooCommerce order submit?

The Gravity Flow WooCommerce extension may be a strong fit. See the setup guide for step type of that approach. That would let you map specific fields/values from WC order into the entry, and have a subsequent user input step for them to populate additional fields related to it. That extension provides a few other step types which can provide other ways to integrate between WC and Gravity Forms that may also fit.

If you want the entry created as a result of add to cart, you might need to hook into woocommerce_add_to_cart


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Thanks. Basically this is the payment and sign-up registration form that a parent will fill out for their child for a class, and that via a webhook feeds into Fluentcrm. But using woocommerce custom fields has some limitations when it comes to feeding into fluentcrm so having a Gravity Form right on the checkout page would be ideal. I can put it on the Thank You page, which I’ve done before, but sometimes people just don’t fill it out after Payment.

Gravity Flow looks like it might work, but I’d prefer not to have yet another plugin(already WooCommerce, GF, FluentCRM, Woo Custom Thank You Pages) for this process.

I think this may be the way forward, thanks!

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