Integrating Gravity Form To WooCommerce Product

I intended on using WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons to embed the form into the WooCommerce Product - Does anyone know if there another method I can try or more cost effective way of doing this. It’s just a simple enquiry form, so no pricing / cart options are needed.


There are multiple ways to skip the cart page for WC, so depending on what type of info you want to capture in the form compared to the product, or what you want to do after it’s submitted, there are probably a few ways to tackle it. The template function for adding a form via code along with hooks to dynamically populate a field might be two docs to help you on a less costly approach.

The Gravity Flow WooCommerce extension may also be one you want to look at. With it, every time an order is created in WooCommerce, an entry is automatically created in Gravity Forms so Gravity Flow will trigger the first step in the workflow.


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