Is Gravity Forms a good fit (conditional logic) [RESOLVED]

HI there, I have used Gravity Forms for as long as I can remember. I want to build a conditional logic form. I have read the documentation for this and tried some things out and not certain if Gravity Forms is able to do what I am looking for. Appreciate any feedback, thank you.

First question: Do you need bills paid?
If they say yes; They get a pop-up or something that we don’t offer that service and are not a good fit to provide services and they don’t continue to the next question.
If no, they proceed to the next question.

Second question:
Same options as above.

Third question:
Same options as above, however, if they say no once more, they are directed to a pricing page where they can place their order and sign up.

Thanks again!

Hi jennnny. You can do this with an HTML field that shows you message that you do not offer that service. You can make that field conditional on their “Yes” answer to question 1. You can also make question 2 only show when they answer “No” to the first question. You can do the same for question 3 (dependent on what they answered for question 2.) The idea will be to show the HTML field that says “Sorry” when that applies, and the next field using the opposite conditional logic rule.

Does that make sense?

Thanks Chris, I think it does. I will get in there and take a look and let you know if I have questions. Thanks for the prompt feedback.

This should be possible to do, but if you run into a specific situation and get stuck, let us know and we’ll help you out.

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This worked perfectly, thank you.

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You’re welcome!