Product recommendation flowchart questionnaire?

Long time Gravity Forms customer, first time poster!

A client wants to know if we can use Gravity Forms to build a type of product recommendation questionnaire. What they have in mind is a flowchart - follow several yes/no questions, then based on their answers… have a particular product recommended to them.

However, instead of the customer having to view a fixed graphic of a flowchart, they would like to represent this in a more simple and interactive way. Also, the resulting product recommendation would need to link through to the product details page.

Anyone know if this is possible, using Gravity Forms?

I’m guessing that it would be do-able, using conditional logic fields, but can’t quite get my head around how to accomplish this. Would we need to create a hidden "Your recommendation is " field for every product, then set-up conditional logic for each one? i.e. only show is Q1 is yes, Q2 is no, Q3 is no, etc.

From what I can remember, these recommendation boxes would show automatically based on what was selected above. Is there a way to keep them hidden until the submit button is clicked?

Thanks in advance for any help - much appreciated!

I recommend taking a look at this solution to see if this is close to what you are looking for:

You could combine that with conditional logic in Gravity Forms to achieve something like that.

Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like that might do the trick.

Please let us know what you build!

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