Progress Bar for Multiple Forms

I have 4 different forms that are chained together. From the users perspective, it appears to be a single form, except for the weird progress bar behavior. There are 8 questions on form 1, 1 question on form 2, 5 questions on form 3, and 1 question on form 4. There is also a branch on form 2 that can take the user to a form with 1 final question.

The problem that I am having is with the progress bar. For example, on form 1, it shows that it is 100% complete at question 8, but I would like it to show that it is 53% complete (8/15 total questions complete). I’d then like that to continue on form 2 to show 60% complete, even though there is only 1 question on that form (9/15 questions complete). And then continue for forms 3 and 4.

I tried to add blank pages that are skipped due to conditional logic, but that really only works for form 1 since it seems to not be possible to skip pages at the beginning of the form, and it also seems very hacky.

Is there a way for me to tell the progress bar where to start and where to end for a particular form so that it appears to be a single progress bar from the users perspective?

There is no filter to start the progress bar at a different percentage. One way to accomplish this is with an HTML field at the top of each form, and top of each page if any of the forms are multi-page. You would disabled the Gravity Forms Page progress indicators altogether, and then style your own HTML progress indicator in the HTML fields you added to the top of the forms and top of each page. A simple example would be to have the “Step” number for each “step” in the process.

If you need more assistance with this approach, please let us know where you need help.

What about using CSS to force the progress bar to a certain percentage? I’ve already styled the progress bar to exactly how I want it, so I don’t want to discard all that work.

Alternatively, is there a way to force skip the first page of a form? That way I could create blank pages at the beginning.

It looks like something can be done with this?


Is there a way for me to force the percentage to what I want on each page?