Multistep Navigation using steps instead of progress bar functionality

Hi , looking for some help or an example that I can look at ---- I have a 3 page multistep form and honestly need some assistance in how do write a hook to move back and forth between the steps once page 1 is completed they will click step two to go to page two and same with page 3 they will click on step 3.

1 page-one
2 page-two
3 page-three

Whatever help is appreciated…

How about this Perk from Gravity Wiz:

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As Chris said, GP Multi-Page Navigation is perfect for this. It’s a code-free solution that has a bunch of flexibility.


Hi Scott, I’m going to look into this… Thank you… Scott, if I need to reach back out to you may I?

Scott, If you have any help that you can offer that does not use Gravity Wiz - company won’t pay for that.

Thank you Chris, unfortunately business won’t pay for that

@scott-the-sorceror @chrishajer – do either one of you have a url that has an example of a form that uses the steps instead of the progress bar and possibly one that has the next button grayed out until all fields are completed on 1 page of the multistep form?

Hi K,

The demo at the top of our documentation page uses steps instead of the progress bar. Each stop is not clickable until after the user has completed all of the fields on that page.

Regarding graying out the submit button, we have a snippet that will do this.

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