Multipage skip one step [RESOLVED]

hey everybody,

i was thinking about buying gravity forms, but i would like to know if there is a way to skip a step in a multipage, like having 2 button on step 1 with yes and no, if you klick yes then go to step 2 but if you klick no skip to step 3? from what i read in the forums it is not possible?

thanks in advance

Hi Martin

I’m a GF customer, and PHP developer, and I’ve done some work in the backend of GF/WP on a project which included working with multi-page forms.

Your question interests me as well, as I had to find a work-around to the current GF implementation, but now you got me thinking about how this could be done… It might be as simple as changing the current-page variable…

But, before I go digging into this myself (just out of curiosity), I’ll wait to see if anyone else has something helpful to share…

In the meantime, you find another way to implement your use-case by leveraging a new (free) plugin I have in beta testing - I had developed it because I needed the user to fill out many different forms, and to create a final PDF doc at the end of the survey process, based on all their previous input (potentially of the course of many days).

If this interests you, the docs are here:

Cheers and good luck friend.

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hey James thank you;)
i will take a look at this.

hope someone can give us a good workaround;)

You can use Page conditional logic. With that, you can skip one page or another depending on a choice made in the form. The page conditional logic is set on the page break fields of the form.

Will that do what you need to do?


That worked like a charm !

There are sure a lot of tricks to learn with GF :slight_smile:

I just made a 4 page multi-page form, and put a number field before the “Next” button, and put the rule in the PAGE BREAK field to show if my number field was set to 1 (which I had put as default). When I put in a 2, it skipped the next page !

Thanks Chris



If you use the progress bar, it’s not smart enough right now to change when you skip a page (for example when there are 3 instead of 4 pages when using conditional logic) but we are working on an improvement for that in Gravity Forms version 2.5

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Ah, good to know…

I tried the Progress Indicator “Steps” option and that showed the correct page number. Also noticed that the “Previous” button WOULD skip the flagged page as is logical.

Nice stuff lol

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you guys are great,
thank you so much!!!

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