Skip first page on multi-page form?

Hi! Is it possible to use page breaks and conditional logic to hide the first page of a form? I only managed to apply logic for subsequet page breaks.

The goal is to hide the first page based on a hidden field that is dynamically populated through t he shortcode. Is there any workaround for this?

Thank you!

Greetings, Jose!

This sounds like a perfect fit for our Custom Starting Page feature that is part of the Multi-page Navigation perk.

With Multi-page Navigation enabled, you can set a “page” parameter on the [gravityforms] shortcode like so:

[gravityforms id="123" page="2"]


@david would it be possible to use your perk to start on page 2 and prepopulate a field through a url parameter?

Like say on page 1 we’re asking for a ‘type’ of something.
Using the perk we could have the user start on page 2 setting /?type=thing

Yessir, @simonc! It works perfectly with all of Gravity Forms’ dynamic population options including query parameters. :slightly_smiling_face:

So what would that look like in use? You would have to setup conditional logic elsewhere determining the shortcode parameter page number?

Check the URL for params - if there are URL params then serve up shortcode [ …page=“2”] and if there are not URL parameters then serve up shortcode [ …page=“1”].

Is that how it would work?

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