Custom progress bar not showing

When i create a new form (or duplicate an existing one) the custom progress bar is not showing.
I’ve made a new clean Wordpress installation but still no custom progress bar.
Gravityforms 2.7.8

add_filter( 'gform_progress_bar_1', function ( $progress_bar, $form ) {

    $current_page = GFFormDisplay::get_current_page( rgar( $form, 'id' ) );

	if ( $current_page == 1 ) {
		$progress_bar = sprintf( '<p class="custom_pbar">PB Page 1</p>');
	} else {
        $progress_bar = sprintf( '<p class="custom_pbar">PB Page 2 and later</p>');
	return $progress_bar;

}, 10, 3 );

Anyone suggestions?
Thanx ahead!

You are using the form-specific version of the filter, which is targeting form ID 1: gform_progress_bar_1.

If you want the code to apply to all multipage forms using the progress bar, you’ll need to remove the form ID from the end of the filter name: gform_progress_bar

Hi Richard,
Thanx for your reply!
The progressbar is ment for the form with ID 1, that’s correct.
Any other suggestions?

Hi Richard,

Can I send you WP-login and ftp credentials so you have a quick view to see whats wrong?

Please open a support ticket at:

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