Showing a form progression bar on a different page (logged in users, using save and continue)

Hi there, hoping for a bit of help,

I have a few multi step forms dealing with complex administration procedures which clients often need to go away and find relevant documents to upload. I’ll be using the advanced save and continue from perks for that side of things but was wondering if anyone knows a solution to have the form progression bar shown on a different page? For example, a user logs into their account and they can see how far along they are on various forms from one page (user dashboard type page). Hope that makes sense and thank you in advance for any help on this :slight_smile:

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Hi Thomas,

I can’t offer any suggestions specific to the Save & Continue functionality (which is stored in a DB table separate from the form entries until they are fully submitted), however if your “multi step form dealing with complex administration procedures” lends itself to an approach with Gravity Flow it’s Inbox and Status Blocks will give you columns to show the step an entry is at in a workflow. If you wanted to give the user more of a visual representation of that, the combination of gravityflow_columns_inbox_table and gform_entries_field_value can let you provide back an image or other markup that represents. On our user input doc we show some examples doing similar via the Instructions.