Checklists Extension for Repeating Entries

I am building a complex system using Gravity Forms and Gravity Flow. Users will need to complete several workflows and for this, the Checklist extension is great. My problem is that they need to be able to re-initiate a certain workflow multiple times and I would like to regenerate a checklist for it each time without deleting the previous entry (all previous entries must be retained). A user could theoretically have several records moving through the same workflow all at once and I want an easy way for them to manage this outside of just the workflow inbox.

Does anyone know of any way to make this work? Or maybe even another plugin that would do what I want?

Hi Ashley,

Yes, the Checklist extension has a current design limitation of 1 active checklist per user at a time. A couple potential suggestions below that you could explore. Feel free to reach out to Gravity Flow support if you try them yourself, or to Gravity Experts if you would like to discuss it as a project built for you.

For a concurrent checklist, use a series of [Form Connector Create an Entry steps](h ttps:// within a “main checklist” form

  • Each of those steps can map the entry ID for the sub-entry created back into the main.
  • A custom merge tag could let you build a table or other markup which presents the list of entries that make up the workflow, their current step status via the Orchestration API. Depending on how unique your links are (one front-end page for all inbox activities or per form pages or admin pages), shouldn’t be too tough to also have that include the link for the user if they are an assignee on a current step of that entry/step.
  • Maybe a custom step type which the main workflow form entry sits in pending status on until all the sub-forms are complete.

For a linear checklist, the Form Connector Form Submission step
The setup would largely be similar to the above, but spread out. Submission step, [Await for sub-form workflow to be completed], Submission Step, [Await], etc.


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