Multiple Entries from 1 submission

I have a long submission with repeating identical sections. This is used in Gravity flow, and is updated there as well. I need each of these sections to be its won entry in another form. This will then drive a ticket type form process. Any ideas?

Hi Rob. You mentioned “multiple entries from 1 submission” in the title, but I did not see where you are asking how to do that. Do the individual sections in the form need to create one entry each, or something like that?

Hi Rob,

If you are using Gravity Flow already, I would encourage you to look at the Form Connector extension with it’s ‘Create an Entry’ step. This would let you map fields from the original entry to create their own.

If you are still researching how to define the repeat identical sections, you might want to look at [Gravity Wiz (beta) Nested Forms] or Gravity Flow’s Parent / Child extension.

Sounds like a neat project!

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I just started using the form connector. :slight_smile: the project is going great. I even tied in reporting. It’s going really well.

Robert Belanger

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