Multiple submissions of form over time

We are seeing multiple form submissions from the same people over a period of time. For example one person submitted a form 5 times over the period of 4 weeks. The form came mostly from one IP address, but there was one submission from a second IP. The submissions are widely spaces (so it’s not an itchy clicking finger) and the person denies submitting more than once. We’re stumped. Any idea what might be happening?

Hi Greg. This can happen when the tab is left open in the browser. After hours or days, the browser or device, usually a mobile device, opens the tab and submits the form again. The same IP makes sense, because someone may be on another network. The different IP could happen just from connecting to a different WiFi network, or cell network. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue, so we can gather some additional data from you. It will help us work on a solution for the problem. Thank you.


We are having the same issue (and had a separate ticket a while ago). Is there a more permanent solution to this issue now?

It’s worth opening a new support ticket as there have been some changes incorporated into some of the add-ons:

We are having the same issue…

It’s best to open a support ticket for this issue @bellavistapoa as everyone’s circumstances are unique: Support | Gravity Forms

I am having the same issue. Form entries are coming through at random time for each entry. I have open a support ticket. Can you please go through?

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