Occasional Duplicate Entries


One of our clients has complained about occasional duplicate entries. Looking at them, they are occurring at different times sometimes a day apart. But most all are only one.

I believe they are receiving multiple notification from the forms as well. Is there any precedent to this issue or something we can look for?

Thanks in advance!

Hello. This can happen when the user doesn’t navigate to another page or close their browser tab after the confirmation is displayed. Most browsers these days save the tab contents and resume it each time the browser is re-opened. For a form submission, the last action performed by the browser is posting the form data to the server. Because the browser keeps a copy of that request in its local memory for the tab, it can re-perform that request each time the tab reloads until they either close the tab or navigate to another page.

This is an issue which impacts all types of forms, not just those implemented using Gravity Forms. It mostly occurs on mobile devices.

My current recommendation is to install our reCAPTCHA Add-On which supports reCAPTCHA v3. The add-on is available with all valid Gravity Forms licenses. That will automatically prevent submission of the form a second time if the tab is reloaded by the user’s browser.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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