Issue with multiple entry form submissions

Does Gravity have a built in function to prevent multiple consecutive entries on the same form within a short time frame?

Our contact page is set up so that when a user enters their details and hits submit, there is a page redirect and the details are obviously recorded in the back end and sent to our CRM system.

We’ve been testing the form out while we integrate our CRM system for the auto response. On occasion, after a we make a few enquiries on the form in quick succession, the form will not submit any details to the back end or redirect to the correct page, however will show a generic response “Thank you for contacting us” etc. - appearing to have captured the data.

Conversely, I’ve been testing our form out throughout the day at a slower submit pace, entering in details every half hour or so without any issues. It is only when I complete the form 2 or 3 times in quick succession that the issue arises. I am trying to figure out if the form is unable to handle multiple requests close in time to each other.

The odd thing is that there does not seem to be a pattern in my testing. For instance, I may fill out the form 3 times in a row and on the 4th time the submission will not work. Sometimes this is the case on the second time. I haven’t been able to find a pattern based on the same email address or IP address (also tried it on different machines with VPNs etc.).

I am trying to eliminate the fear that if multiple users are submitting their details on the form around the same time (if we have a busy night of enquires for instance), that one or more of them will simply not have their details captured.

If Gravity has a built in tool that can somehow detect multiple entries from the same machine (either IP or user details), I’d love to know what these may be so I can put my mind at ease!

Hopefully this made some kind of sense! The licence is currently managed by my developer so I thought I’d try here before I bug him again (he’s been unable to replicate this issue on his end so I am giving him a couple of days off…!).


Hi Edward. To prevent multiple entries over some time period, by IP address or similar, take a look at this free solution from Gravity Wiz:

Thanks for your response, Chris! I will check it out. Truth be told, I just learned that those submissions are pushed to spam in the back end, which is awesome!

Keep up the good work.



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