One Submission is Creating Multiple Entries

We have forms that we use for appointment reservation. But we have noticed several forms will create multiple entries when the customer only submitted once. I cannot find any reasoning why some is creating multiple entries and others are not. I DO NOT want multiple entries with one submission. Does anyone know how I can correct this or have had similar issues?

Hi Kari. Gravity Forms will not do this on its own, so there is a conflict with something else on the site, or there are duplicate submissions being made inadvertently. Can you please open a support ticket for this issue so we can gather other information?

Thank you.

Thanks, Chris. I am trying to find my license details because it was purchased through our website developers- which is a third party company. I am not able to put in a support ticket with out that. I did notice someone else had the same issue earlier this year and the suggestion was made to turn on logging. I have done that and recreated the issue with a submission but I do not understand the log to find where the issue is.

Hi Kari. If you have enabled logging, you can find the Gravity Forms Core log on the Forms > Settings > Logging page.

Yes. I found that but I am not skilled enough to understand what it all means.

Can you share the link to the log file here (not the complete log file), and let us know the IDs of the duplicated entries?

Is this the link your are asking for: Passport appointment requested

The duplicate entries on this one was 349 and 348. But I only hit submit once. There are multiple duplicates of other submissions as well.

Hi Kari. 348 must have happened before the logging was enabled, because that is not in the log. The log begins with 349. Is there another entry is this log (between 349 and 360) that is a duplicate of another?

Also, when multiple unique entries are created like this, it’s normally because the form confirmation is left open in a tab in the browser (normally a mobile browser) and when that browser is reopened, it can submit the form data again at a later time. We can confirm this if you have multiple entries from one submission, that are in the log. We can check the user agent and the timestamp, and see if that is what is happening.

To reduce the chances of this happening, you can configure the form confirmation to redirect to another page, rather than use a text confirmation.

Or if you have any form field that you can consider as a source of unique data, you can enable the No Duplicates setting for it: Common Field Settings - Gravity Forms Documentation That will check the database for this form and field for any previous occurrences of the entered value and prevent the form from being submitted again (a validation error would be returned because of the duplicate data.)

There is also the following third-party code snippet which can limit submissions: Better Limit Submission Per Time Period by User or IP - Gravity Wiz

Please let us know what you find out.

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