Form duplicating entries & causing duplicate charges (up to 4x). Help!

Hello, I have a form that over the past couple days has duplicated entries causing duplicate charges for online orders. It’s happened to 4 individuals over the past 3 days and for 2 of them, it duplicated the order 4 times! At first I thought they might be clicking the submit button more than once, but in a couple cases the time between submissions is over 15 minutes. These customers said they weren’t submitting the form that far apart… Even if it was a mistake of clicking it twice while still processing, it shouldn’t show a 15 minute lapse between orders. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

For something important like this, I recommend opening a Gravity Forms support ticket, or a support ticket with whichever payment add-on you are using if this is not a Gravity Forms issue.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, I do not know the original account info that was used to set up Gravity Forms on the site I am administering (I took it over from another outfit a couple of years ago), so I am unable to open a support ticket… I have an active and valid Support License Key as shown on the Gravity Forms settings tab for the site, but I have no way of obtaining that initial email address that was used years ago to make the purchase. Nor can I seem to connect my license key to a new account in anyway by starting my own Gravity Forms account. I’m not sure where else to turn besides here…

Rocketgenius/Gravity Forms can only provide support to registered license holders. I recommend contacting us here with your site information so that we might be able to help:

In general, my recommendation would be to purchase a new Gravity Forms license in your own name, or the company’s name, and changing the license key on the website. At that point, you would be able to get support to help you quickly resolve the issue:

Thank you. If I update the license key in the plug in with a new one that I purchase, will the system retain all the forms and settings and previously submitted data? I’m in the middle of the busy season for the form (the form is only used between Oct - Dec for the holidays) and it would be great to know that everything will transfer over to the new license. I appreciate your insight.

Changing the license key on the site will not affect any settings, feeds, entries or forms. ​Be sure to purchase a license that has access to all the Gravity Forms add-ons you are using on the site currently:

​If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thanks. I’ll need the Elite package for the add-ons used, but it should be worth it to get all this figured out and a new license with all the support available. Glad to know I won’t loose any settings, forms, or entries! Thanks again for your help.

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I opened a ticket for this exact issue, now 8 months later. The reply was, “we aren’t fixing it.” This is unacceptable. GF should be using a nonce to ensure against multiple submissions of the same form, especially when people are making purchases.

Hello @swinggraphics - I understand your frustration. I see that you opened a ticket yesterday, and that has been escalated. Rather than address the issue here, I will allow that ticket to go through its normal process. You’re welcome to share any feedback you may receive in this topic, if you like. Thank you for raising the issue.

What was the resolution to this? I am having the same issue with multiple forms on my website. And it will randomly re-purchase tickets or re-register for an event mulitple times. I have third-party extension to avoid this but it keeps happening and with great frequency.

Please advise.

Hi Beth. I am not sure what the resolution was for @swinggraphics but I recommend that you open your own support ticket for this issue:

Thank you.

I didn’t got a response beyond “we’re not fixing it”

The workaround is to use AJAX and not redirect to a new URL. This is the email I sent to my client about it:

Gravity Forms has a very disappointing stance on the issue. I see in a forum it was reported last year, and they have not done anything yet. Because mobile Safari is responsible for all the duplicates, it must be that the browser is reloading the confirmation page without warning about resubmitting the data. Using the Enable AJAX option seems to circumvent the issue, because the page does not reload after submission. Originally, I had set that as the default when adding forms, but they have changed the dialog box in some fundamental way that I can’t change the defaults any more. Make sure that ajax="true" is in the shortcode for each form.

From my standpoint, GF should be using a nonce or other way of ensuring that the same exact form is not processed twice, and that this is rather basic and should have been part of version 2.0 at the latest.

Hello @swinggraphics - This issue is a high priority for the product team and there have been several discussions already on the best way to address this for the greatest possible coverage. I expect that after the development work on Gravity Forms v2.5 is complete and Gravity Forms 2.5 is out the door, the focus will change to this issue and other high priority issues. We understand the frustration and the support team voices your concerns to the product team weekly.

One other workaround which has worked for many of our customers, is to redirect to a new page after form submission (without AJAX) so that the thank you page is the one left open in a browser tab. When the browser is reopened at a later date and that tab is loaded again, it will not submit the form again.

This nightmare happened to us for nearly two weeks, with four (larger dollar amount) duplicates. Super embarrassing. Hopefully a redirect to another page (instead of just showing text as a confirmation) using query string and a custom shortcode fetching those $_GET variables, will prevent it happening again. Sure hope GF patches this up to prevent this happening from too many more people. Maybe an on-screen alert when someone has a payment gateway notification set up AND a text confirmation, that maybe it’s not the best idea?

Hi Caroline. We do have this in front of the product team right now. If you would like to share your experience and add your notes to the request, I recommend adding that to our product roadmap. Click the blue :heavy_plus_sign: in the lower left on this page to add a note for our product team:

Thank you.

I just submitted a new ticket cause the first one was answered, asking for code only and then nothing. I have yet another form that keeps doing the same thing. I’m not a web designer, I’m a graphic designer and I’m seeing something about using AJAX that will help rectify this situation. I need someone to explain what that means cause I don’t understand where to put it. Please advise.

@swinggraphics…can you explain to me what you mean by using AJAX? I am having this same problem with EVERY form I use on our website. I am not a web designer, I’m a graphic designer, so I’ll need a simple explanation of what to add where to my site to make this stop happening. Please advise, if you can. Thank you in advance!

When you insert a form, check the box to use AJAX

I have a situation where a duplicate entry is getting created every day. This is absurd. Is there a ticket I can point to where work is being done on this? Is there not a manual fix on an individual entry?